Being a bat advocate I often find myself chatting about them in the media! 


Why do bats hang upside down? That's what fifth graders living in the Bat Capital of the World - Austin, Texas - want to know. We visit Micaela Jemison at the world headquarters of Bat Conservation International to figure out why bats have such weird sleep habits. Plus, why would bats walk on treadmills? They're mysterious creatures. This is the first in a series of shows featuring kids' questions. We want to hear what you think!


You can't have tequila without agave, the spiky desert plant used as its base. And it's hard to have agave without bats — because a few species of these winged creatures are the plant's primary pollinators. Agave co-evolved with bats over thousands of years. As a result, it's one of the very few plants that pollinates at night.


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George Junior is a micro bat who has been hand fed mosquitos. He can eat about half his weight in insects a night.That's about ten grams of mosquitos and his keeper says it takes her over an hour to fill him up with the tiny morsels.

Micaela Jemison is a Bat Ecologist with the Arthur Rylah Institute of Environmental Research and she's in charge of ferrying George around for Science Week.


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